About Us

About SJC OBA  NSW  Australia

Our Vision

To create a vibrant culture among the Johnians of New South Wales to sustain the values of our Alma Mater.  We do this by providing, supporting, helping and empowering the staff and students of St John's College, Jaffna, Sri Lanka  to achieve excellence in education.


Our Values

- Uphold and preserve the school values.

- Empower the current students and teachers towards the 21st century.

- Create a culture of unity and friendship among the Johnians in Australia.

- Support the Johnians community with social and emotional support in time of need.


Our Constitution


A copy of our constitution is available from resources/documents page:



Brief history of St.John's College  OBA Sydney

 - by Dr.Mithran Coomarasamy


The Old boys of St.John’s College Jaffna are dispersed all over the world. A great number of old boys moved to Australia including Sydney. This gathered momentum with the unfortunate events that were occurring in our nation of Srilanka from 1977.


A few Johnians who moved to Sydney were inspired to meet together in 1988.. As the numbers increased and the need for support for each other and their families increased the memories of the Alma Mater and the life we lived in the school environment encouraged many. Hence in 1990 the Sydney OBA was founded. The founding President was Dr Kethees Thuraisingham.


The Sydney SJC OBA has since then grown from strength to strength to incorporate the past students of all generations. Many have served in the committee as  members and made valuable contribution to harness and preserve the values instilled into them by their great dedicated teachers.

Many events are held throughout the year giving the opportunity for its members to meet fellow Johnians and catch up with past students from other schools. The events include the annual dinner dance to raise funds for the school. The battle of the North is replicated, the annual cricket match against Jaffna Central College. In the recent years cricket matches against St.Thomas College, Mount Lavinia and Jaffna Hindu College have been a feature.


The relationship with our sister school Chundikuli Girls College has always been a very special one for many reasons. That tradition is still maintained in Sydney as well. In 2012 the first combined SJC – CGC carol service was held in Sydney.


The OBA – Sydney had the privilege of having the late Principal Mr. N.S Thanapalan as the Chief Guest in 1998 at its annual dinner dance. Later in 2008 was graced by the presence of late teacher Mr D J Thevathasan as the Chief Guest at the annual dinner dance.


We have in the last few years have been playing our part in contributing to the rebuilding of our college and supporting the initiatives by the Principal and the board to give leadership in education and to the community. The contribution has been in the form of finances for building, support for internally displaced students, information technology and computer based reading and learning programs and specific support when requested by the Principal.


Over the last 3 -4 years many old boys have visited the school and have been a source of encouragement by way of sharing the past and present experiences with the students and teachers who continue to do us proud across the seas.


One thing we can all truly say is this “ you walk into a group of old Johnians of whatever age group in any part of the world including Sydney, the same warmth and kindred spirit is palpable and there is a special feeling only those who have been to this great institution will recognize”.


The Sydney OBA now is part of the global network of SJC OBAs. We hope we will continue to support our school and carry on the great Lessons of life we have learnt and live true to our motto “LUX IN TENEBRIS LUCET”. Light shines in the darkness