Red & Black great success

13th March 2021
Red and Black cricket carnival was a great success.

Thanks for taking part in the Red and Black cricket carnival day... We enjoyed cricket, great cricket ground, friends, food and laughter .. 

We created life long memories playing with our kids .. it was good to meet all the kids and have them play against their dads.. Sherina (Valentine’s) was a good sport by taking part in the day with a great big smile .. 

We played two games between RED and BLACK teams.. Wins were shared between the two teams. Fathers had an opportunity to bat or bowl against their kids.. Rivilary was on show and all the games were played in good spirit.

thanks Andrew (Lesley) , Andrew (valentine) , Karthik (Krish), Varun(Kittu), Sherina (Valentine), Santosh (Lal), Karthik (Lal) and Naveen (Janahan) spending the day with us .. it was good to meet you and play with you all.. 

Our President Dileep, Kittu and Dr. Ainkaran all helped out with BBq, thank you so much ..

Thanks to others who contributed to the food, drinks, financially and also bringing food ... We are very thankful for your generosity.. 

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